Who we are?

Power Trade Finance is the financial-strategic partner of QBIF (Qatar & British Ideal Finance), which has been operating in the international finance sector since 2010, established in the UK, and as of 2016, Power Corporate Finance Ltd. and an infrastructure agreement on portfolio management and derivatives markets.

QBIF manages the portfolios of funds in developing countries such as UAE, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine (excluding Donestk and Luagnsk) and South Africa, by effectively evaluating their investments in financial markets. In addition, the portfolio management in Hong Kong in the Asian region is under Power Corporate Finance Ltd. continues with.

Power Trade Finance, QBIF and Power Corporate Finance Ltd. is a forex institution that evaluates the financial investments of funds in Qatar, England and Hong Kong under its control.

Our aim is to continuously increase the trade volume by creating service and platform experience above the standards for investors who want to invest in the forex markets in Europe, North-Central Asia, the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) regions, except for Qatar and the UK, and to become a leader in the forex sector by improving itself every day. to progress towards becoming a brokerage firm.

Why Power Trade?

Power Trade Finance offers a fast, reliable and technological high level investment opportunity with a long-time experienced on financial markets due to combinations of analysis and education. All the brokers can be a part of this market with cross rates, indices, metals, oil, global stocks, cryptos and all the currency pairs in Power Trade Finance.

  • Professional Investmen Services
  • Competitive Spreads and Swap
  • Huge Range of Products
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Payment Methods with Credit Card, Coins, Bank Transfers etc..
  • Different Account Types with or without Swap
  • Rebate Opportunities

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Advantegeous Market Conditions

Low spreads, low comission rates and trade opportunity over the 80 enstrumant

Fastest Tranfers on Funding

High speed money transfer opportunity through the website

Flexible To All Strategies

Trade with the all strategies on financial markets

Reliable and Fast Transmission

Trade reliably and seamlessly with many different price providers

Inovative Technology

Our platforms are powered by innovative technologies and advance features to solve the needs of our investors

High Level Customer Support

Daily analysis and educations will provided by our professional team who compenent in the market